Pancho Dela Luna

It didn't require great character at all / we had a shred of necessary courage / but fundamentally it was a matter of taste / Yes taste / in which there are fibers of soul the cartilage of conscience / Yes taste / that commands us to get out to make a wry face draw out a sneer / even if for this the precious capital of the body the head / must fall
- Zbigniew Herbert

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May 20

City to City #1 : Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

"He goes from city to city, citizen of none." - Euripides, Electra

March 2012, North of Tuscany

(The generosity of Italian culture: free bread)


(A traveler embodies Don Quixote)

(In the window, someone)

(Church door, a fascination)

(I am melting in the sun)

(The river Serchio)

(Come in una danza: like being in a dance. My dream is to become a dancer)

(A pizzeria which looks more of a brothel in Amsterdam)

(Old woman meets boy)

(A Medieval city with numerous flower shops around)

(I will shop for my children’s clothes, they will always look good)


(I always bring a plastic bottle and fill it with water-fountain, this saves a lot of money)

(of doing pottery)

(always, to stare at the blue sky)

(my obsession with cinema)

(my terribly worn-out phone)