Pancho Dela Luna

It didn't require great character at all / we had a shred of necessary courage / but fundamentally it was a matter of taste / Yes taste / in which there are fibers of soul the cartilage of conscience / Yes taste / that commands us to get out to make a wry face draw out a sneer / even if for this the precious capital of the body the head / must fall
- Zbigniew Herbert

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Nov 29
“The mind is my playground, experience is my battlefield.” Strange Flowers #8 (Pancho)

Nov 18
“I have discovered a new art form: the search for joy in the dungeons of despair and poverty!” Strange Flowers #6 (Pancho)

Sep 6
“Never to forgive, never to forget: let’s try to gamble with these words.” Fossil #8 (Pancho)

“Soon we will have the courage to turn the whole world upside down with Oriental tapestries, exotic laces and paints of golden dawns. Comrades from all perspectives we must paint the town not just red, but blood, harmoniously and destructively with lots of merrymaking. Dreamers, rebels, misfits, what a privilege to belong to such brotherhood!” Strange Flowers #2 (Pancho)

Sep 5
“Bad ideas are like bad governments, we simply have to overthrow them.” Fossil #7 (Pancho)

Sep 1
“I love you. This is the struggle.” Fossil #4 (Pancho)

“Critical thinking and creative action must be inseparable, they alone constitute a life of genius. They animate change and discovery.” Fossil #3 (Pancho)